Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MBAT videos

I had mentioned in my last post about the highly creative videos that my classmates had prepared for MBAT election campaign. I have finally managed to get them on web. Have a look:

This one is by the winning team

and this is by the runner ups (my team)

The best part about MBAT is that it is a part of our MBA curriculum; we get credits for organizing/coordinating MBAT activities and every week we have a time slot dedicated for MBAT just like for any other subject. Isn't it great!! MBAT is over 7 months away but the preps have already begun. We want to make this year's MBAT the best ever and its going to be a herculean task. May the force be with us...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Election Updates from HEC

I haven't written for a while now because so many things have happened here in the last couple of weeks. We had two elections recently - one for the MBAT team(the team that organizes MBAT ) and the other for MBA Council. It was funny - we had 3 teams contesting for MBAT but only one team for MBA Council. Thus we had a very close contest for MBAT and no contest for MBA Council.. Sadly, my team lost the MBAT election by 3 votes :(. My classmates created really interesting videos for the elections and I will publish the links to the videos soon.

Apart from this, the course has become hectic now -we have some or other group submission every week. Working in a group comprising of individuals with different cultures, different education and different work-experience is challenging but a very enriching experience in I must say.

Things have gathered steam on the recruitment front also. People have started applying for summer internship positions. We have an International Finance Forum happening in HEC on 18-Oct which will feature over 30 companies making career presentations. Mind you, this is a presentation event and not an recruiting event. So we are supposed to attend company seminars, get to know the presenters and then apply to the companies later if we decide to.

This is going to be a specially hectic week as we have all day classes on Saturday also which happens rarely and I will have to use all my latent energy to survive....