Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is Orkut dying

I read an article some days ago that Facebook had taken over Orkut (in India) in terms of total number of users. At that time, I did not pay much attention to this article. However, I did notice the difference yesterday. I celebrated my b'day yesterday and, as expected, some friends wrote scraps for me on Orkut and others wrote on my wall on Facebook. Now, when Orkut was at its peak in India (I guess in 2006), I remember getting 100 odd b'day scraps on Orkut and hardly anything on Facebook ( I don't even remember if Facebook had the feature of wall posts!). The stats for yesterday - 50+ posts on Facebook and around 15 scraps on Orkut. I have many friends who are both on Orkut and Facebook and even among them, most posted on my Facebook wall and not on Orkut. For me, it is a strong indicator of the future - Facebook will keep up its growth and Orkut will have a really hard time adding new users.