Thursday, November 1, 2007

wake up call

After a gap of over 4 years, I took my first academic exam today - Statistics. The test was not difficult but I think I have botched up. I cannot claim that I was well prepared for the exam but I have to admit that I was decently prepared. I had solved all the types of problems that had been discussed in class; The proff had told us the exam pattern, the types of problems expected in exam and had also helped us solve questions from previous papers. Moreover, it was an open book exam. Then, why did I screw it??

One reason is that I did not take it too seriously. I started preparing for exam only couple of days ago and got into serious preparation only yesterday evening. The other reason is that I did not pay much attention to the subject in class. This was a grave mistake. I could perform calculations for all the problems in exam but had a hard time interpreting the results!!! In such an exam, one can refer to the book during exam to look for formulae but applying the right formula and most importantly drawing the conclusion requires understanding of the basic concepts involved. This is where I lagged.

Anyways, it is good that I got the wake up call so early. It gives me ample time prepare for the next mid-term (Accounting) which is 4 days away. I hope I'll do better


Anonymous said...

Hey Classmate :)... Study well don't tell me that ur losing ur knack due to old age :P
Accounting shuld be easy after all ur a Baniya ;)
All the best!

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