Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last term at HEC

I began my last term here this month; Started the term with a 3 day seminar-cum-course on "Ethiques and Performances" which was held in Domaine de Chednac (near Puy en Velay in South France). It was an interesting course where we discussed and debated on how to deal with ethical issues that we could face in our professional life.

This was followed by the fifth edition of Annual Sustainability Conference, a 2 day event organized by HEC MBA students each year. It was a good event where we had round table conferences with industry leaders in the field and some presentations by firms working in development consulting. I was impressed with the presentations by MBA Without Borders and Dalberg about their development consulting activities.

Our regular classes resumed last week with my first class at Monday 8 AM! It wasn't easy going back to school after the summer break and I did have some long days in the first week itself. We already had plenty of work in the first week and I had to work on two assignments. My courses in this term are not evenly spread out - I have a lot of courses till Oct end and then just the core course in Nov and Dec. That means I'll have plenty of time to dedicate on job-search.

Gotta work now - have to finish some readings for today's class...


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