Friday, April 17, 2009

HEC and Exchange programs

Here's a question I received in response to my last post:
"In every interview or article regarding HEC i see that it partners with 50 schools around the world for Exchange programmes. I get that you did not do the exchange program. Any reasons? How is the procedure of selection? or does every one get to do the exchange prgm."

I am glad that someone asked this question because this is a topic which I had missed covering in my posts and this is quite an important question.

So this is how exchange program works:

Procedure of selection
HEC has exchange program partnerships with close to 50 schools across the world. The way it works is pretty simple. HEC announces the opening of applications for exchange programs with its partner schools - the announcement basically informs students about three things -
1. Names of the partner schools
2. No. of seats with each school
3. Deadline of application

Once the announcement is made, every MBA participant is free to submit his/her application for target schools. The application contains some short questions asking applicants about their motivation for that school etc.
After the deadline, all applications are collected and reviewed by a committee at HEC. In case of multiple applications for a school, the participants are invited for interview and then a final decision is made. The decision is made solely by the committee at HEC and the partner school is not involved in this decision.

Why did I not go for an exchange program
As with your b-school application, there are several factors that you should consider while applying for an exchange program. Why do you want to go for an exchange program? The main reasons are:
1. A different experience - HEC gives you a European experience. You could go to a US b-school to get a different experience and enhance your professional network
2. Brand Name - Getting a better recognized b-school name on your resume
3. Career - You have specific career objectives that you could achieve by going to a particular b-school

For me, there were two main reasons why I did not go for an exchange program:
1. Career - I figured that going for an exchange program will not improve my career prospects. Most of the schools I was interested in were based in US. Going to a US school as an exchange student did not appeal to me because of the economic uncertainties and work-visa related problems faced by international students. Also, by staying at HEC, I had better chances of leveraging its brand in France and continental Europe to get a job
2. Funds - Going to any school for an exchange program will have required me to spend around 5K $ which I was not keen on spending

Does every student get to go for an exchage program?
The answer is No (generally). I think there are around 50 seats for exchange and there are 130 odd students in Sep intake. So it's not possible for everyone to go on exchange. However, there are only 50-60 students in Jan intake. So most of the students in Jan intake can go for exchange program.


RP said...

Are you aware of the visa process, if one goes in to US from HEC as an exchange student. Does one still need to show 30k $ in his/her account?

Rahul said...

@RP: Nope, one doesn't have to show that big an amount. You have to show that you have sufficient money to live in US for 4 months. This amount should be around $5K

H A R I said...

Thanks a lot Rahul for answering my question. that was great info and cleared a lot of queries.

Carlos said...

Hi Rahul...just one thing, does the exchange period have to last 4 months?

Im asking this because I am joining HEC on January and, during the last part of the personalized phase, I would like to both studying in USA for 2 months and also do an internships for other 2 months. Do you think this is possible?

Many thanks!!

nisha said...

I am doing something of the same interest and will be taking note on this .Thank

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