Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back from Hiatus

I've been out of blogging action for a long time now - the key reason for my absence was work (loads of it) and lethargy (I didn't feel like blogging when I got off work). Now that work is back to normal, I am back to blogging.

The past 3 months were quite intense for me. My company was participating in a trade show in USA and I was put in charge of the entire event. This doesn't sound big was it was quite a challenge. I had to ensure that everything was in order, which meant:
1. Renting the exhibition space
2. Designing the booth (working with our booth designers)
3. Making the booth functional (furniture, electrical, network connections etc.)
4. Graphics (working with our designers to get booth panels, display graphics, brochures etc.)
5. Giveaways (choosing and sourcing giveaways for visitors)
6. Communication (sending out emails to prospects, before and after the event)
7. Logistics (taking care of travel and accommodation)
8. Product demos - This was the most important part. There was no point in doing anything if we couldn't demo our products successfully. This involved working with different teams to ensure that our products were ready for demo, everyone was trained on the latest features, laptops/mobiles/hardware were configured properly and most importantly, failure points were identified and backups were ready for contingencies.

 Because the buck stopped at me, I had to ensure that EVERYTHING was in place. e.g. I had to proof read each and every word on our marketing collateral (brochures) before it went to print. This was quite demanding and at times I was literally talking in my sleep.

In the end, the show went really well. We were pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors in our booth and now have some very promising leads to pursue. Personally, it was a great learning experience. It helped me develop an eye for detail and I can see the difference in my work style now. Hope this habit stays for life..


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