Thursday, May 10, 2007

Second Life

Came to know about SecondLife today while reading a blog on Freaknomics
This is the first site of its kind and I was really amazed at this concept after browsing through the site.

It is a 3-D virtual world owned and managed by its residents. It started in 2003 and has over 6 million members currently. Aptly named SecondLife, this site allows you to live an alternate life and do whatever you want to do.

It allows you to create your avatar, meet people, buy land, create your house, create/buy a business, engage in all sorts of fun activities etc. i.e. do whatever you want and can dream of (Of course you will need to shell out some money for most of the activities.)

If this was not enough, then you can also make real money by exchanging their virtual currency (Linden dollars) with real currency (USD) over the site's Linden Dollar Exchange!!!!

So, if you want to live another life where you think you can make more money, you know where to go ;)


MBAstarter said...

Hey Rahul, Thanks for your comment. I've been in touch with Deba regarding my WL but did not know he had posted his experience on PG. Thanks.

SeePearrl said...

..thats interesting now! :P