Saturday, June 23, 2007


HA very funny incidence occured today. There was an unexpected power failure in the city (maybe because of the incessant rains splashing the city since last evening). I was getting down the stairs when I heard a voice from inside the elevator. I understood that because of power failure, someone was stuck in the elevator. The person asked for help and I told him that I would go and get the security guard to which the person replied "Sir, this is the security guard himself".
I couldn't control my laugther. Don't know why but I found this extremely funny and just burst out laughing. Anyways, after the realization sunk in that the guard needed my help, I asked him how I could help and he gave me directions to open the stuck elevator door. It turned out to be an easy two minute affair and I was glad to be of help :)

I haven't written anything for a long time now mainly because there is nothing particular to write. There's the usual stuff happening - work, learning french, meeting people, some visa/bank loan related things etc.

The next week is important - I have my French language exams (written and oral) and I also have to go to Indore to sign the loan documents. I still don't know the exact loan amount I'll get but am hoping that it'll be 20 lakhs.

I am also in a fix these days. On Thursday, I received a mail informing me that I have been selected for the Ile-de-France scholarship for international students. I was completely surprised because I hadn't applied for this and had no idea of what this scholarship was. When I read the details, I found out that this scholarship is provided to international students pursuing their masters from Ile-de-France region (in or close to Paris). This scholarship is available to students of some 15 odd countries. The procedure is that the French Embassy based in the particular country nominates some candidates for this scholarship. I had applied for French Embassy Incentive Scholarship Program and the French Embassy had forwarded my details for this scholarship.

This is how I received the scholarship. Now the catch - If I am to accept this scholarship, I will have to live in international students hostel in central Paris throughout the duration of my course. This hostel is appx 50 min away from the college campus.

Now I have a difficult choice - If I accept this schol (appx 10K euros for an year), it almost covers my living expenses, gives me opportunity to interact with more international students from diverse fields and provides easy access to Paris night life ;) The disadvantages of staying far from campus are travelling appx 2 hours daily, less interaction with my classmates, difficulty in completing group assignments etc etc.

I will have to speak with current students and find out more about a typical college day in HEC. Would need to know normal lecture timings, time spent on group activities etc before I take a decision.

Inputs/suggestions w.r.t this problem are welcome :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a scholarship surely helps, and if you can use the train time to study I'd surely say yes :) but that's just a quick thought

Interacting with people is also nice and important, but you'll do that wherever you are.

On the other side, Paris is a great city to live in :D

I know I'm not helping a lot, but congratulations about the scholarship and for the blog.

Best regards.

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