Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Anyone can run

The title of this post is inspired by Ratatouille movie's line "Anyone can cook". Anyone who wants to run can; all it takes is a good technique (running form), patience and perseverance.

When I picked up running two years ago, I started with a 5 minutes walk interspersed with 1 min run. Gradually the walking time reduced and running time increased. The first time I ran continuously for 10 min, I was elated. Every subsequent week brought a new milestone. It was after training (running) for almost 2 months (completing a 10K+ run), I thought I could do a half marathon. So, I participated in and completed Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) 2013 in 2h39 minutes. Since then, I have participated in 5 half marathon races with my personal best of 2h18 minutes. My target for this ADHM is 2 hours!

Anyone who thinks he/she is too unfit to run should watch this:

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