Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back to the class

Last weekend saw me getting back to the classroom after a gap of more than 3 years. No, I wasn't studying; I was back to the class conducting math sessions for GMAT aspirants...

The first class on Saturday brought back memories of July 2003 when I had taken my first class in Mumbai. I still remember that day vividly; how nervous I was before entering the classroom; how desperate I was to make a good first impression; how frustrated I was when a guy could not understand basic math concepts; how hungry I was when I saw 2 girls nibbling at GoodDay biscuits... . It was fun but it was tense as well. Anyways, all that is past now.

These lectures were quite uneventful if I compare these with some of the lectures I took during my initial stint with Career Forum. The main difference was because of the type of stuents - during those days I was mainly dealing with final year college kids and here I was intereacting with people who had been working for almost 3 years.

It was fun getting back to class. Lets see how the future classes go.

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