Saturday, February 3, 2007

Life has taken a U-turn

My life has changed completely in the last 3-4 days. Till last week, I was very settled - my short term plans and long term plans were very clear. I was supposed to go to New York in Feb. After working there for 5-6 months, I was supposed to return to India in July end/Aug start. Then in Sep start, I was supposed to go to Paris for my MBA. Post MBA, I wud have joined a consulting firm and so on and so forth....

Everything has changed now. My visa interview which would have permitted me to work in US did not go well. To my surprise (and shock), the counselor refused to grant me the visa. This was a big blow because it changed my financial equations. I was counting upon this US trip to help me fund my MBA. Now I am in a fix. Because of cancellation of this trip, I will have to find other ways to fund my studies.

I am back to square one now -will have to start all over again to search for MBA colleges and apply. The trouble is that I am running against time now. R1 for all colleges and R2 for most colleges is over. Will have to submit my apps asap.

gotta rush now.....

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