Thursday, February 8, 2007

MBA pre-preparations

Things are moving too fast these days. Till a couple of days ago, I was wondering how to finance my MBA. I was finding it a bit difficult to get education loan but that problem has been sorted out. So now that I am almost out of my funding worries, time for some other things.

Once I realized that I am not going to US in near future and became certain that I will to HEC in Sep, I started thinking how to make best use of the time I have left. I started thinking seriously abt my post MBA profile. I saw the MBA profile book of HEC's current batch and it is pretty impressive. There are only 7-8 Indian IT males like me but the remaining 110 odd are as diverse as you could imagine. I then thought that I should add more weight to my profile by doing some certifications etc. Since I have been working in the financial domain (banking) for almost 1.5 yrs now, I have decided to go for some relevant certification. Hence, I shall be taking the NCFM exam next month.

Apart from this, I also intend to join classes on a regular basis to learn French. It is imperative that I become fluent in French otherwise I am gonna be in a soup during MBA recruitment.

Read the first chapter of Fortune @ BOP yesterday and found it very interesting. I could actually identify with the points mentioned there because I have seen some of those initiatives changing the lives of people back in my town. If you haven't read this book, do read it. Its a must read for Indian MBA aspirants...

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